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 General Rules and Information

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General Rules and Information Empty
PostSubject: General Rules and Information   General Rules and Information EmptyMon Feb 15, 2010 4:29 pm

Scouts and Parents,
These forums were created for one reason, for ease of communication between leaders, parents, and scouts. Below are a list of features as well as rules for the forums in general.

1) No foul language, flaming, or putting others ideas down. This is not only for the parents but also for the older scouts who I hope will use these boards as well.

2) No posting of personal information in public folders. The Public Information Folder is just that, available to the Public. There are hidden folders for members of Den 9 that I will discuss later.

3) No posting of images which degrade or insult the Scouting program or are in poor taste in general.

4) No advertisements

5) Have fun and inform others.

The boards are a place where we can all meet, discuss our ideas, and preserve them in an orderly fashion. Eventually, if the Pack likes this idea, we can create a kids only zone, a chat room for members only, or whatever. The Forums are made up of sections. Right now there is a Public Information sections, a Den 9 section, and a Admin section.

1) Public Information Section
This section not only for Pack 241 but also for people who are looking for information about scouting in general. I will be adding information as time goes on and will update it as much as possible. Anything posted in this section can and will be seen by anyone with a computer. I put a forum for Pack 241 Activities there so anyone in Pack 241 can use it without signing up for board membership. At this time, the only people who will be awarded membership to view all board threads are Den 9 parents.

2) Den 9 Section
This section is for all Parents and sons of Den 9. In order to view this Section and all Forums in it, you MUST sign up for the boards. This is where we will post all of our Den 9 happenings. This is a completly private section for Den 9 members only.

3) Admin Section
This section is for thoughts and ideas for the boards and for our website in general. This is only viewable by Den 9 members.

Anything else you need to know about the forums can either be found on the FAQ link up top, in the Public Information section, or send me a message from the message tool above.
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General Rules and Information
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